make him love you fastIt generally takes a man longer to fall in love than it does a woman. That’s a bold statement and it’s typically very true. I know it’s discouraging because you may already be head over heels for him and he’s still lurking in the casual dating phase. Falling in love is an all-encompassing experience for a woman. We instantly start planning our happily-ever-after ending. The problem is that if the man you’re intent on building that storybook love affair with isn’t as emotionally invested in you as you are with him, it’s going to be a challenging and disheartening journey.

It’s very difficult to not want to scream from the rooftops when you do fall in love. You feel excited at what awaits for you and you struggle to contain those feelings. Often, when that happens, the woman in question will just pour out everything she’s feeling to the man she’s crazy about. It seems like a very logical and necessary thing to do. After all, you love him and all you really want is for him to fall hopelessly in love with you too. The problem is that if he’s not ready to hear it – he’s going to look for the nearest EXIT and make a bolt for the door.

The same is true if you question him too soon about what he’s feeling. The dreaded, “are you falling for me” question or its counterpart, “do you want me?” are both going to drive him away if he’s still deciding whether he wants to date you exclusively or not. If you get him to adore mepush him too deeply into an emotional place he’s not ready for – he’ll leap and he won’t come back.

He needs to be able to fall in love at the pace that works for him. He’ll tell you that. He believes that but arguably there are very specific things any woman can do to speed the process along. In other words, you can trigger certain powerful emotions within any man that make him feel compelled to want you and drawn to a strong and unbreakable connection with you.

When a woman begins to understand the core emotional triggers that exist within a man, she can make him feel instantly drawn to her. He’ll find her irresistible and he’ll want nothing more than to be with her as much as possible.

Men tend to have emotional barriers in place for good reason – they’ve often been hurt and so they’re truly just as vulnerable as we are. In order to get a man to let down that barrier so all his feelings of love and adoration can burst out, you have to know how to make him feel safe, secure and cherished within your love.

This insightful video explains all of this in a very clear and helpful way. It show you the unlimited potential that exists between a woman and a man when they both are open to the prospect of a life changing love.

Think about it this way – love isn’t something that falls into our laps on a regular basis. It’s fleeting and it’s unpredictable and when you find it, you need to do everything you possibly can to nurture it into something fulfilling, life enriching and sustaining.

Watch the video – it’s going to change your relationship from this point forward.

You love him, you want him to adore and value you. You have the ability to make that happen.

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